Who We Are

Hey y'all! Welcome.  We are Joel(26) and Liz (27, and soon to be) Granados. We are an engaged bartending team with over 5 years combined of bartending experience in a high volume setting. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, hospitality, and delicious craft cocktails. The gorgeous little girl in the middle is our daughter, Mia Riley. She is our greatest inspiration and motivation.  Our name, Mixing In Action, is named after her. What better way to honor her and her name than by doing something that we both love to do.

Thank y’all for all the love and support on this journey!


Liz Jimenez

If you've communicated with us via email, text, or call, you've been talking to me! Hi :)  I'm in charge of all bookings, paperwork, communicating with you all, social media, bookkeeping, and communicating with coordinators on day of events etc.

I absolutely am a people person and a firm believer in peace, love, and happiness! Can't wait to chat with you :)


Joel Granados

Joel is our lead mixologist and the master mind behind every cocktail, garnish, and cocktail presentation.  He's also in charge of all the prep, heavy lifting, and cleaning..LOL.  Joel is extremely passionate about what he does and you can really tell in the taste and presentation of all his cocktails.  

Joel loves going to bookstores and studying cocktails, liquor history, and everything bartending! Joel's leadership and work ethic truly speaks for itself.



AJ has been a huge asset to our team.  Not only is he an excellent bar back, but he's eager to learn the cocktail recipes and jumps in as a third bartender when we need him to. Thank you for all your hard work AJ!


John Moreno

John is another one of our bar backs.  Not only does he work hard, but he's willing to take on extra tasks if needed.  Thank you for going above and beyond John!